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A county seat of Wilson County, Tennessee established in 1802, Lebanon is a stagecoach route located in Middle Tennessee making it an unrivaled strategic location. The city is about 5 miles (10 km) south of the Cumberland River and about 30 miles (50 km) east of Nashville. Lebanon offers direct east and west service through Interstate 40 that connects Knoxville to the east and Memphis to the west. Within one day, you can travel to 75% of the United States markets in a trucking distance due to its central location.

Lebanon was named after the country of Lebanon due to its abundance of biblical cedar trees in the area. Hence, local residents called Lebanon the “Cedar City”. Numerous outdoor recreation activities can be done in the city just like Cedars of Lebanon State Park due to its copious cedar trees. The city is a diverse blend of beautiful land and suburbs. Lebanon was the scene of several minor encounters during the American Civil War, specifically during 1862.

The city has a humid subtropical climate of mild winters and hot summers.

Through historic preservation, it has maintained its rich heritage, and yet it still has a progressive flair that is geared toward its growth. It has an enviable list of resources that helps newcomers establish their dreams. The city became a regional hub for commerce and trade for its strategic location as well as its natural assets. It is home to businesses from family-owned retail restaurants and shops to globally recognized distributors, manufacturers, and retailers.

Lebanon, Tennessee is home to Cumberland University founded in 1842. The university has produced over eighty Senators and Congressmen just like Albert Gore Sr. and Thomas Gore and has a remarkable rich heritage. A Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Corden Hull, who had served as Secretary of State from March 1933 to November 1944 was a graduate of the institution. It is a peaceful place to take a stride around. One fun fact about Cumberland University— it was featured in Taylor Swift’s famous jam music video “Love Story”.

Another interesting thing you need to know about Lebanon, it’s an abode to the annual Wilson County Fair, which is considered one of the best County Fairs in Tennessee and even ranked in Livability’s Top 10 Summer Fairs.

Lebanon remains accessible, affordable, and primed for growth.

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